This Madrid Aparthotel is located one minutes walk from the world famous sightseeing areas in Madrid. Aparthotel accommodation rentals allow you to enjoy all the services of a hotel while having a comfort of living in your own apartment. Book your apartment in an aparthotel. Madrid accommodation rentals at budget prices! We offer world-class luxury and budget accommodation rentals in some of the most unique and exclusive aparthotels in Madrid. Aparthotel reservation provides generous privacy and luxury with all the services of a five star aparthotel Madrid, Espaņa, for all apartments.



Behind its private and discreet entrance lie the most contemporary of spacious apartments for the leisure or business traveler. Discover beautiful bathrooms alongside fully-equipped kitchens and modern technology in the form of DVD and CD players and Wifi Internet connection in several of the apartments. Just in the neighborhood of the aparthotel you can choose from various exciting international and national restaurants. Don't forget either that Madrid city of many charms is also known for its art museums and its boiling night life. Stay for three nights or as long as you may want to in an aparthotel. Madrid, Spain, has a whole range of activities and cultural sightseeing to offer!

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